Our goal is to educate students staff everyone

Meet the team

Margaret Carter

Project Manager

Hello, I’m Margaret-Anne Carter and I’d like to welcome you to our website, developed to educate students and staff about preventing cyberbullying and being safe in the online world.

Marie M'Balla-Ndi


As an investigator in this project, and a lecturer in Arts and Journalism, Marie encourages students of all majors and disciplines to take part in this very significant project

Sanjey Sureshkumar


Sanjey has worked on this project as a filmmaker, bringing both emotional and educational content for our viewers to watch. During his involvement, he developed a perception of the topic being highly overlooked.

Minerva Jonson

Student Research Assistant

Minerva has supported the team in enhancing the contents of the website through incorporating short video presentations. Her participation in this project is assisted by her Psychology degree and her enthusiasm to bring awareness about cyberbullying.

Dale Sedgman

Site Administator

I am a Information Technology student at JCU and was approached by the team to head the development of the site and other aspect of the site. In terms of the campaign, I highly respect the message and am privileged to be apart of the movement.