Smart Moves For Cyber Safety

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Smart moves to keep you and other internet users safer online.

  • Limit the amount of personal information you share online.
  • Safeguard your password and keep it private.
  • Set up your privacy controls and monitor them regularly.
  • Ignore… Do not reply to any incidents of cyberbullying but do save and document the threats and report them.
  • Seek counsel from your friends and family if feeling unsafe about a situation online.
  • Report cyberbullying events to the ISP and to any website used in the cyberbullying event.
  • Block others’ access to your online accounts if bullied online.
  • Refrain from commenting on posts, images or videos that will hurt others.
  • Log out of your internet accounts.
  • Pause before posting.
  • Do not upload anything online when you are angry or upset or frustrated.
  • Make sure you live a balanced life. Do other activities you enjoy away from the computer.
  • Know who you are communicating with online.
  • When creating a profile, be smart about the private information you provide.
  • Remember that information you post online can never be taken back.

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